Agronomy at Pratum Co-op

Agronomy Team, OregonIn agriculture, the ability to grow both quality and profitable crops is fundamental. This basic principle is what drives the Agronomy Team at Pratum Co-op. The focus of Pratum Agronomy is to partner with growers and help them achieve these principles while developing relationships that stand the test of time. These relationships are not only grounded in sound agronomic advice and inputs, but also trust. The agronomy team at Pratum Co-op always has the grower’s best interest in mind, and this is what forges the solid relationships that are built to last.

The Agronomy Team is staffed with professionals who are extremely skilled at what they do, but more importantly, understand that the well-being of the grower always comes first. The staff off agronomists at Pratum Co-op has over 60 years of combined field experience. They, along with the rest of the Agronomy Team are driven by the success of growers.

In order to provide the best service and value to growers, a brand new state-of-the–art Agronomy Center was completed in August of 2011. Every aspect of the plant was constructed with growers in mind. The plant has the capability to custom blend both dry and liquid fertilizer to meet specific nutritional needs. Along with this, the fertilizer plant has a highly efficient dry fertilizer bagging line so that your custom blends can be packaged in conveniently sized bags that meet your needs. The new facility has extensive warehousing capabilities to ensure that what you need is available. A conveniently located Farm Store was also included in the center to provide growers with high quality supplies when they need them the most. The new Agronomy Center has a conference room where grower meetings are often held to provide real information that will benefit on-farm production and performance.

Pratum Co-op’s Agronomy Division is truly full service. Pratum prides itself on its ability to customize services to accommodate the needs of various growers. Pratum Agronomy offers field scouting, soil and tissue testing and analysis, pesticide recommendations, customized crop nutrition programs, GPS field mapping, GPS soil typing and mapping, variable rate fertilizer application through custom applicators, pesticide application through custom applicators, and delivery services. Pratum’s agronomy staff is always looking for new and unique ways to serve growers and is always open to hearing how to better serve agriculture. Pratum Co-op’s Agronomy division strives to provide growers with outstanding service, quality consulting, efficient products, innovation, technology, education, and most importantly, solid relationships.