We supply fuel to homes, farms, gas stations, excavation companies, the logging industry and many other professional applications. Whether you need a small delivery of 100 gallons of heating oil or a transport load of 10,000 gallons, you can rely on Pratum Co-op to get your deliveries done on time with our unsurpassed focus on customer service. Pratum Co-op is able to remotely monitor tanks or put customers in the system with an auto-fill account. This takes the pressure off of you having to daily monitor fuel usage. Please ask if you are eligible for tank monitoring. We are also a proud partner with Power Service Diesel Additives. From their performance additives Diesel Kleen, Diesel Kleen with Winter Anti-Gel and Bio Kleen, a bacteria and fungus killer, they have it all. For more information on these products, take a look at their website.



Bulk Fuels:


  • B5 Dyed Off Road Diesel
  • B5 Clear On Road Diesel
  • B5 Dyed Stove Oil
  • B20 available upon request


  • E-10, 87 Octane Unleaded Gasoline
  • E-10, 89 Octane Unleaded Mid-grade Gasoline
  • E-10, 92 Octane Unleaded Premium Gasoline
  • Non-Ethanol Blended 92 Octane Premium Gasoline
  • Non-Ethanol Blended 87 Octane Regular Gasoline for use in off-road vehicles

Auto Fill Plan

Customer tanks are scheduled to be filled automatically based on expected usage. The requirements are that the customer must have a Pratum Co-op credit account in good standing and allow Pratum Co-op delivery personnel unobstructed access to fuel tanks during normal working hours. Minimum delivery is 100 gallons and the minimum tank size is 220 gallons for use of this plan.


Pratum Coop Fuel Tank Maintenance Hygiene Program

What does the program do?

  • Assists you with complete management of fuel storage and usage.
  • Identifies what is going on with your fuel and its containers.
  • Provides products, information and service options to remedy any current issues and help prevent problems in the future.


What are the causes of poor fuel hygiene?

  • Water can collect in a fuel storage system from various sources, including condensation. This is a common concern as water contributes to microbial and fungal growth.
  • Microbes feed on the hydro carbons in fuel and create a byproduct that will contaminate fuel and eventually damage equipment, causing clogged filters and over all reduced performance.
  • Ultra-low sulphur bio blend diesel absorbs more water than non-bio diesel contributing to the growth of microbes and fungus.


Fuel Diagnostic Process (No cost to Pratum Co-op customers)

  • A Pratum Co-op representative will take samples from the bottom of bulk fuel storage tanks, checking for water and debris.
  • We run culture tests on the samples to identify bacterial or fungal growth.
  • If no additives have been used in your fuel, an extensive fuel quality test can be done to set a baseline for helping with future treatments of the fuel.
  • Based on the test results your Pratum Co-op representative can help you decide which products and services are best suited for your Tank Maintenance Hygiene Program.


Treatment Options

  • Preventative maintenance service (no cost to Pratum Co-op customers) includes annual sampling and testing of bulk fuel tanks and their inventory.
  • Use of fuel additives including biocides and fungicides to kill current infestations.
  • Use of fuel stabilizers and tank cleaners to help with initial problems and to prevent the return of harmful fungus and microbes.
  • Use of Cummins approved performance additives to add detergents, lubricity enhancers and cetane improvers which can improve fuel economy up to 8%.


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