Pratum Co-op is an agricultural cooperative dedicated to innovative solutions, excellent service, and long-term relationships.

Serving Oregon Agriculture Since 1946

In 1946, farmers in the community of Pratum, just east of Salem, founded a co-op to handle the prime seed produced in the fertile soil of our Willamette Valley. The co-op became known as Pratum Co-op and became a supplier of fertilizer, crop protection and petroleum products.

More than a half century later, each division of Pratum Co-op has expanded dramatically. Since 1946, Pratum Co-op has experienced steady growth and is continually developing new and innovative ways to better serve it’s customers.

Our Values

  1. Integrity: honesty, always doing the right thing
  2. Safety: committed to a safe environment for our employees and customers
  3. Professionalism: dealing with all relationships in a courteous and respectful manner with a positive image
  4. Results Oriented: delivering on our promise
  5. Teamwork: respecting one another with humility
  6. Stewardship: careful and responsible management in the best interest of our owners
  7. Customer Service: exceeding the expectations of those we serve

Our Divisions